Mezé Magic

Mezé Magic

Posted the 21st, July 2017 in News

Mezé is one of the (many) stars of the Greek kitchen, and something that here at The Greek Larder we are really proud of. Simply summed up, mezé means taste or snack, and in Greek culture is either a whole series of small plates & snacks to be enjoyed with drinks, or the beginning of a larger meal.

Our mezé platter is one of most popular things on the menu, and we can quite understand why. Here’s some of the mezé magic that you’ll find at the restaurant.

Our taramosalata is made from white tarama, which is the salted and cured roe of the cod or grey mullet; it’s then mixed with olive oil, lemon juice & bread. We’re quite often asked why ours isn’t that really pink colour you usually see in supermarket versions, and quite simply, it’s because ours doesn’t include any pink food colouring and is completely natural. If we’re feeling really indulgent, then we’ll make some taramokeftedes, which are little rissoles made with the white tarama, spring onions, dill, parsley, mint, lemon zest & bread. We pané them in fine breadcrumbs and then fry until crispy. If you can hold off long enough to pour a glass, these are a perfect match for any of our Greek sparkling wines.

You’ll find our famous taramosalata served up with some pickled celery which has been pickled in apple cider vinegar, sugar, coriander seeds & bay leaves. And not forgetting the best flatbreads in the land to soak everything up.

Fancy making your own pickled celery? Our apple cider vinegar is available from our delicatessen, and our taramosalata is made fresh daily, so we’ve got you covered. Our online shop is now live, so take a look & start buying here & see what else is on our Mezé menu here

Next time……dolmadakia.

Do you like our new look?

Do you like our new look?

Posted the 18th, July 2017 in News

It’s been a little while in the making, but we’re really happy to reveal our brand new website.

We’ve had a bit of a facelift which we hope means it’s now easier for you to get where you want to go, whether that’s to make a reservation or sign up to our newsletter, check in to see what we’re up to here or on our Events page or see our latest menus & wine lists. Have a look around & see what you think, we hope you like it.

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