Theodore talks Christmas in Greece!

December 15, 2016



We caught up with the main man behind The Greek Larder, Theodore Kyriakou, and asked him about his best Greek Christmas traditions. καλά Χριστούγεννα!


What are your childhood memories of Christmas?

Friends, family, and being at home with food & dancing


What will you be having for Christmas lunch this year?

Stuffed kid with bulgur wheat, chestnut, pistachios & the usual Greek herbs


Sprouts: love them or hate them? Top tip for making them delicious

Not my cup of Greek coffee but if I had no other choice, smoked with skordalia


What’s the traditional Christmas dessert in Greece?

Melomakarona (traditional Greek biscuits made from flour, olive oil, honey & walnuts), Kourambiedes & Xserotigana


Finally, will you be in the kitchen or do you get elbowed out by family & friends?

Naturally yes, but not alone