Savatiano grape…

May 3, 2016

The bank holiday may be over but here at The Greek Larder we’ve got some news to cheer you up. It is Tuesday again so that means you can enjoy any of our wines at takeaway prices. The sun is shining and apparently it’s here to stay with temperatures rising to 23 degrees this week… perfect conditions for enjoying a chilled glass of wine!

There are a variety of different grape varieties that originate from Greece but today we’re looking at Savatiano. Savatiano is a white Greek wine grape used mostly in the wine Retsina however, recent advancements in modern wine-making have led to an increase in well made, dry Savatiano wines. Our Savatiano 2014 Papagiannakos is an example of such a wine. It has a citrusy aroma and goes beautifully with Kotopoulo Kirkasiano (Asia Minor potted chicken).

Savatiano is the predominant grape in the region of Attica where it displays excellent resistance to the very dry summer weather. Savatiano grapes are typically medium to large in size and pale yellow to white in color. When vinified, the wine takes on varying shades of yellow, usually at the deeper end of the spectrum. Wines produced using Savatiano grapes tend to be elegant, well balanced with an aroma of citrus fruits and flowers.

We have a couple of fantastic Retsina wines on our list; Retsina Papagiannakos and Ritinitis Nobilis by Gaia Wines. Both are delicious and go perfectly with our Meze dishes.

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