Ktima Tselepos Santorini 2015

October 3, 2016

Ktima Tselepos Santorini


The fifth wine of our series is brought to you by Cava Spiliadis – and it is Ktima Tselepos Santorini.

Winemaker, Giannis Tselepos, has been producing Assyrtiko grapes, the variety which compiles 100% of this wine, for over 50 years. Great complexity is created as the grapes are sourced from three villages; Emporeion and Akotiri provide the bulk of the grapes, with Pirgos’s later harvested grapes enhancing the complexity of the wine.

This wine has a fragrant aroma of honeysuckle and green apples, with hints of hot volcanic ash. The highly acidic minerality of grapefruit and honeydew pairs well with oysters and grilled guinea fowl.

Come try it for yourself at The London Greek Wine Festival this Saturday and Sunday. Buy your tickets here!

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