It’s London Beer Week! Get your Greek Beer on…

March 13, 2017


When we think about famous beer, the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany come to mind. But did you know, that the Greek, besides being famous for their lamb & pita bread, also produce high quality beers?

Although they might not be widely known, some have even been awarded internationally, like the Greek beer Nissos (Theodore’s fave!). This artisanal beer is produced & brewed in small quantities in the Cycladic Island of Tinos. Nissos have two year-round beers: Nissos Pilsner, a rich beer with a spicy herbal-citrusy fragrant aroma, & Nissos Organic All-Day Lager, a clearer and bright beer.

Besides Nissos, one of Greece’s most well-known beers is Septem, the Latin word for the number seven, which symbolises creation. Septem has also obtained a number of awards, such as Drink of the Year in 2013, with the most popular being Thursday’s Red Ale, Friday’s Pale Ale, and Saturday’s Porter. Great for a long weekend!

For people who love fine beers & gastronomy, Voreia beer from Siris Microbrewery is the ideal choice. They focus on producing unique and quality beers, rather than quantity, producing around 250,000 litres of beer each year. Voreia I.P.A can be enjoyed with our ‘Grass fed Scottish grilled beef, potato & pastourma kapama pie, sautéed mushrooms’. Also produced in small batches, The Crazy Donkey was the first IPA produced in the popular island of Santorini, & is characterised by its aromatic bitterness & tropical start to a dry finish.

Flavoured and refreshing, fruity and smooth, bold and full flavoured… Greece offers a wide variety of beers & there is one for every taste bud!

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