But first….COFFEE!

February 9, 2017


In contrast with the pre-ground coffee served in most London restaurants & cafes, The Greek Larder serves ‘Briki’. This thick & intense beverage is made from powder fine coffee, which resembles the Mediterranean’s freshly ground coffee & brewing method of heating it on low heat in a metal pot.

Our Theodore decided to introduce ‘Briki’ to the menu at The Greek Larder because he loves to share his passion with his customers. With the grinder imported all the way from his hometown in Greece, & coffee beans from ‘I Gonia Tou Kafe’ (The Coffee Corner) in Cyprus, this coffee has an intense bolder flavour. Theodore believes that the brewing-style, together with the great quality & fine grind of the coffee beans, is what makes Greek coffee so special.

Coffee plays a very important part in Greek lifestyle – we’re sure you can relate! After growing up next to the smell of fresh coffee from his fathers’ roaster in the old Athenian Market, Theodore wants to maintain this coffee culture at The Greek Larder. So far, due to its rich and intense taste, customers seem to like Briki! Come by & give Greek coffee a go….