Karavitakis Little Prince Red 2014

September 9, 2016

The next instalment of our wine feature is brought to you by Eclectic Wines – and the tipple is Karavitakis Little Prince Red 2014.

This gorgeous, easy drinking red is made just outside the picturesque town of Chania in Western Crete. The winery is nestled amongst the olive groves, and it’s name ‘Little Prince’ was inspired by the famous children’s story of that name.

Karavitakis Winery was started by Manolis Karavitakis, who originally trained in Italy.   Manolis concentrates on the wine making, while his son Nikos looks after the day to day running of the winery.

The grapes are grown in the vineyards that are situated in Crete, and Little Prince Red is a blend of 2 Indigenous red grape varieties from the region – 65% Kotsifali and 35% Mandilari.  Kotsifali has a similar taste to Merlot, and Mandilari is dark and robust.

This is a lovely, approachable, dry red wine with notes of plum – delicious and satisfying.

Another interesting note – this wine is now a very well known brand in the USA!

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